About our School

Gimnajum im. marszalka Jozefa Pilsudskiego  is a  school located in a village . It is the only  junior high school in the commune. Currently we have 10 classes, more than thirty teachers and about 300 students , including teenagers from a nearby orphanage. Our school is actively involved in the community life . It collaborates with various institutions and  the local press. It has a rich programme of school events . Young people can broaden their knowledge and skills through additional educational classes devoted to specific subjects in classrooms which are well equipped with  ICT technology. From the very beginning of its existence , the school has been looking for various opportunities to promote the European dimension in the school curriculum and to motivate rural youth aged 13-16  to meet and correspond with their peers from other countries , travel and explore the world that exists outside of their village.  A few years ago our school  participated in  a two-year Comenius project connected with Maths.  At the moment almost all the teachers are participating in a two-year Erasmus+ project, Key Action 1 - education mobility for teachers, which aims at improving the participants' language competences , ICT skills and our students' learning outcomes.