Here you can find Interactive ICT Tools                                     useful in teaching and learning.

Go-Lab is a Portal to explore the online labs and create your own inquiry learning spaces. Golabz focuses on providing the necessary resources for teachers for inquiry activities fostering sharing and reuse of these resources. While Graasp enables teachers to create the inquiry activities and (re)use Golabz resources.




That is an easy-to-use tool for building assessments and seeing results in
real-time. It’s everything you need to improve instruction and help student

Simple tools that let you study anything for free. New collaborative classroom game that students love. Interactive games, study modes and practice tests make learning fun and effective.



Stickymoose is a simple, free voting tool for making group decisions with your friends.

It allows you to put any question online, invite your friends to share their ideas and vote on each other's ideas. It's a more efficient way to reach a decision.



 Platformie do tworzenia i współpracy na świecie.


The Learning Designer suite of tools enables teachers to share their good teaching ideas. It is intended to help a subject teacher see how a particular pedagogic approach can be migrated successfully across different topics. There are sample patterns to browse and edit, or you can design your own from scratch.