Learning by Experience

The Go-Lab Project (Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School) opens up online science laboratories (remote and virtual labs) for the large-scale use in school education. The overall aim of the project is to encourage young people aged from 10 to 18 to engage in science topics, acquire scientific inquiry skills, and experience the culture of doing science by undertaking active guided experimentation.

To achieve this aim, the Go-Lab project creates the Go-Lab Portal allowing science teachers finding online labs and inquiry learning applications appropriate for their class, combining these in Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) supporting particular lesson scenarios, and sharing the ILSs with their students. Using the ILSs, the students receive the opportunity to perform personalized scientific experiments with online labs in a structured learning environment.




Enrich your teaching practice with inquiry by ...

In the Go-Lab Repository you can find remote and virtual laboratories for different science domains such as Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, and Math. You can use these labs together with your students to enrich your classroom activities with interactive experiments and appealing demonstrations. Moreover, here you can find inquiry learning applications, which will support your students in formulating research questions and hypotheses, conducting scientific experiments, and drawing conclusions.

By registering on the authoring platform Graasp, you receive the possibility to create your own Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs). An ILS is a virtual learning space, where you can collect online labs and apps selected from the Repository. You can customize the ILS according to your needs adding educational resources, instructions, and exercises for your students. Each student can login to the ILS and conduct personalized experimentation being guided through the phases of the Inquiry Learning Cycle. You can either create your ILS from scratch or select one of the ready-to-use templates in the Repository.

If you have a question, need support, or want to share your experiences with other teachers, join ourCommunity and Tutoring Platform! Here you can attend scheduled video sessions answering the most frequent questions, consult Go-Lab experts, and share your practices with the international teacher community. Moreover, after you have gained some experience, you can also become an expert and support other teachers in working with Go-Lab. Don’t miss this opportunity and become a part of Go-La